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A portrait is not just a
pretty picture of yourself.

It is about awakening self-esteem,
confidence and self worth.
— Alice Prenat


Everyone has a voice inside themselves that says, “I never look good in a photo… My arms are too wobbly… My legs are too short… My hair is too flat… I’m too old…I’m too fat…”

Yet, I truly believe that inside everyone of us, regardless of age, is a person of strength, a go-getter, a warrior, a person of gentleness and compassion, someone who deserves your love, not hate.

Reconnect with the inner you. let yourself shine from within - listen to your heart, boost your confidence, celebrate your achievements. You deserve to be photographed and seen.

Have fun, smile, relax and be pampered. Simply be gorgeous or glamorous - embrace your inner beauty and show it to the world. Enjoy yourself during a fun, uniquely designed photo session just for yourself, or share it with someone important to you.

Let Me Show You The Beauty I See

I promise that my photo sessions are so much fun, and so easy, that you will forget that you ever thought you weren’t photogenic. From the moment we start planning your shoot in the pre-session consultation the anticipation and excitement will start. On the day of your session you will forget that you ever hated having your photo taken. And on the day of the reveal you will see the most beautiful photo you have ever seen of yourself.

At Amelia McLeod Photography I am committed to creating stunning contemporary portraits, personal branding and content marketing. Based in Adelaide I provide both studio and location photo sessions.


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