You Did What With The Dress?


During a photo session it is always amazing when you and the the client can have a little bit of fun and take things a little off-script, so to speak.

This happened when I was photographing Karla. She had the most amazing yellow dress despite the simple A-line cut - the colour was a rich golden yellow (just a little jealous that she can wear that colour) with a beautiful floral motif down the front.

At first we just flipped it - the silky fabric caught beautifully in the breeze, but I couldn’t help but think all that beautiful floral is going to waste. Then it was suggested to flip the dress upside down, yes, you read correctly, upside down. Karla gingerly stepped into the dress not knowing how to keep it up - but that is a simple issue to fix - clips and pins!

And the out come was absolutely stunning:

So, the options became endless - a wrap, a kimono, an off the shoulder cheeky look…

The session was definitely fun, and Karla has some stunning portraits in her “unique” dress.


If you have a unique dress, a favourite dress, a comfortable dress - try it on in a variety of ways, turn it around, hitch it up, use it as a wrap (or if you are feeling like a super hero, perhaps as a cape), take a snap in it just for fun!

And try this out with other things too - look at them from a different point of view and you can see all sorts of beautiful things in what might otherwise be ordinary.

Amelia xx

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