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I Don’t Have Time for That - and Why You Should Make Some.

I bet you see reminders everyday on social media: “Take care of yourself first so you can take care of others”, “You can’t pour from an empty cup” and “Self-love is not selfish”. We are being inundated by the message, and we (read I) think that I will start tomorrow, and just keep on keeping on.

Sound familiar? You aren’t alone.

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#8 Faces Project - Julie

Do you admire other women’s beauty and often forget to appreciate your own? Well you’re not alone.

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#7 Faces Project - Kylie

Have you ever felt lost underneath all the faces you wear in your life - one for friends, one for work and one for family? Have you forgotten your real face? This is how Kylie felt when she nominated for the Faces Project.

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#6 Faces Project - Beverley

Beverley - the 6th Face of the Faces Project. In her 50’s and looking to change careers, Beverley’s story is not unique, as she strives to see herself as the attractive and vibrant person she is.

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#3 Faces Project - Caitlin

After being picked on and bullied at school for being a redhead, Caitlin wanted to feel beautiful on both the inside and the outside….

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