Photo Session with Diane

Diane_24-03-2018_Amelia-McLeod-Photography__Web ready_20.jpg

In March Diane came to the studio for a photo session that she had received as a 70th birthday gift from her daughter and her family. It was an  absolute delight having Diane in my studio. 

At first Diane was unsure of the whole process - what she should wear and bring along, how she would look in the photographs and what she was going to do with the photographs at the end (the gift included a 6 image folio box). 

After beautiful hair and make up styling by the gorgeous Ali Knight from Make Up by Ali , during which Diane and I both picked up a few tips, Diane felt comfortable and ready to have her portrait taken. We started the session with a couple of  casual outfit that fit Diane's relaxed style before progressing to one of her favourite dresses  with a beautiful feminine floral pattern.

Diane_24-03-2018_Amelia-McLeod-Photography__Web ready_12.jpg
Diane_24-03-2018_Amelia-McLeod-Photography__Web ready_9.jpg
Diane_24-03-2018_Amelia-McLeod-Photography__Web ready_17.jpg
Diane_24-03-2018_Amelia-McLeod-Photography__Web ready_10.jpg
Diane_24-03-2018_Amelia-McLeod-Photography__Web ready_11.jpg
Diane_24-03-2018_Amelia-McLeod-Photography__Web ready_5.jpg

Diane said she was intrigued by the process and by the poses that she was put in to show her best angle and features. When I asked her would she would say to a friend about the experience she said: 

"Don't be fearful, it's a great experience! A chance to show who you really are."

And as to what to do with the photos once she had them? I have heard that she has given some to her children so that they can have an amazing image of their mother! I think you would all agree with me that Diane is definitely "Sensational at Seventy!"