Meet the team at Amelia McLeod Photography

Amelia McLeod Photographer

Since this is the inaugural blog post for Amelia McLeod Photography, I thought I would like to introduce the team here at the Studio here in Adelaide.   Firstly there is me, the owner and director, Amelia McLeod. I love colour and texture and I strive always to give you the most beautiful photograph you have ever had of yourself. I specialise in modern beauty portraiture, however I also love to produce fine art and conceptual portraits. If you are after some new personal branding images that truely reflect yourself in a more contermporary way, I'm your gal.  For more about Amelia, see About Me.

Retoucher-Amelia McLeod Photographer

Next, I want to introduce to you my retoucher, Amelia.  Amelia understands that you want to look like you - what is the use if the image at the end is of some one you don't know?  Amelia understands that you don't want your wrinkles totally removed (perhaps a little softened though), after all they are who you are and represent your history - triumphs, defeats, joys and worries or life - they are what make you beautiful.  But, who doesn't want those cheek bones to shine and those dimples to grace your cheeky smile? 

Party-socialite-secretary-Amelia McLeod Photography

We also have our secretary, also known as Amelia (seeing the trend here?).  Amelia is a little bit of pocket rocket and is constantly trying desparately to keep us on track.  She is your first contact here at the studio, she will consult with you dilegently about what kind of portrait session you are wanting and give you all the information you need, for example, what to expect during your photo session, what to bring, how to prepare, costs, who to bring with you (why not make it a girls day out?) and so on.  She is also our social club manager and loves a good party - let her help you create your perfect day!

Finance officer Amelia McLeod Photography

Our chief financial officer is also called Amelia (it can get a little confusing around the office, but you get the hang of it after awhile).  Amelia takes care of the boring stuff, like paying bills and invoices and keeping dreams in check (Amelia, the secretary can spend a lot on fancy stationary that she really 'needs', and I can always dream of more equipment *sigh*).  She always approaches it with a positive attitude and a smile, and, trying to adopt a little bit of Mary Poppins, believes that when you're given lemons you should make lemonade!

Jarrod-partner-Amelia McLeod Photography

And lastly, but by no means least, my business partner, my husband, my rock and my everything else - Jarrod (bet you didn't expect that one).  Jarrod makes a mean cup of tea and coffee.  I would not be able to do this without him.