Exist in Photos

Recently my sister in law asked for some photos of me and my husband for a personal project. I thought to myself, that’s not a problem, after all, I’m a portrait photographer and I must have some stunning photos of us.

But, it turns out, that I am like the rest of the world. Firstly the shot of me – now this one was not too hard. I recently completed a 365 day self-portrait challenge – I should have heaps to choose from, right?

The final image I chose of me.

The final image I chose of me.

Not quite. Turns out I got pretty creative with a lot of the images in the end, or they weren’t appropriate for the project – she just needed a couple of straight portraits. I did find one though, that I used for a blog post last year.

Next, my husband by himself.

Hmmm, that was tricky, and a bit embarrassing!  I have asked him to sit for me for the last year, but we have always put it off (by we, I mean him). Going through all our photos the shots are of him on holidays – his sunglasses on, a hat, a squinting smile into the sun. Where were the shots of him just relaxed and smiling gently?

This was a disaster!

I had to search for some time, feeling more and more like a hypocritical portrait photographer, and listening to my husband jokingly lament that I never took photos of him…

The final image I chose of Jarrod

The final image I chose of Jarrod

I found one. It was actually a shot he let me take of him looking neat for a submission form he did.

And the couple shot – well, that is tricky when there are only two of you when you go on holiday.  I have a lot of phone selfie shots that I love and cherish of the two of us, and some reasonable shots for well meaning others, but nothing neater and a bit more “formal”. 

Lucky for me I had taken a couple of shots of us last year for my husband’s 40th.

But all of this got me thinking. I was able to get all the shots from the last 12 months. But, if someone asked you for a couple of shots of you that were taken within the last 12 months would you be able to produce them?

Do you hide from the camera generally, or do you always take the photos without letting others use the camera? Or do you not have anyone else to take a photo of you?



And finally..

And finally..

I think you (and I) should change that. It is important to exist in photos, so that when someone you love goes looking for a photo of you, they can find one. I am not discounting holiday shots – it is important to have those memories, but we should stop and take a beautiful photo of ourselves and those we love.

At least once a year, find a beautiful background, find the right light, put on your favourite dress/outfit and get a gorgeous shot. Just because.

Then print the photo.

Exist in photos.

Love Amelia xx

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