Build your Personal Brand and Become Visible

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We live in a digital world.

The digital world is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it is so easy to connect to, search for and find any service that we need. A curse because if you want to connect with your ideal clients on this platform you need to be seen.

So, what is “Personal Branding” anyway?

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another.

Seth Godin

Personal branding is marketing yourself, small business or online presence in a way that reflects your values, ideal client, and shows your personality. Customers, clients and your target audience are more likely to purchase from you, hire you or engage with you if they feel a personal connection - this only comes when we open up and share a little piece of ourselves. Of course this is a whole communication strategy, but the visual impact of photography that reflects your values and services is a key component.

Maybe you need to ease yourself into it a little - start by taking a few selfies and using them on Instagram or Facebook stories - they only last 24 hours , and then they’re gone (If you want to learn more about taking selfies you can join my closed group on Facebook Sunday Selfies). Then maybe post them into your feeds with questions to your audience - start a conversation. Remember, if you feel scared about sharing them, let your audience know, your audience will probably reward your honesty because they feel just like you!

If you’re ready for the next step, hire a professional photographer. I know, you probably don’t like photos of yourself (there is a scientific reason behind it too you can read here), but how many of your past photos, if any, were taken by someone with years of experience, an understanding of light and posing to flatter your body and a skill in editing? If you work with a specialist you are in safe hands as you are both working towards the same goal - to capture the very best in you to attract your dream audience.

Other benefits of a professional photo shoot include:

  1. YOU PRESENT YOURSELF AS PROFESSIONAL AND CREDIBLE ONLINE: Your Website and other social media platforms are your shop front. Think of it as a big bay window displaying your wears - you want to put your most attractive dress in the window, not the one that doesn’t fit the mannequin, or the one with holes in it from getting caught on the coat hanger. Polished images across your online platforms reassure your audience you mean business.

  2. ATTRACT AND CONNECT WITH YOUR ONLINE AUDIENCE: The images will reflect your personality and values which will attract your ideal audience. Professional portraits will get their attention as they feel connected to your personality, and once you have their attention you can build a rapport - you’re offering a piece of you and they will offer some back.

  3. FEEL CONFIDENT AND PROUD: Think of the photo shoot as a celebration of what you have achieved - in your business and in your life. Feel a sense of pride in yourself and it will reflect out to the world - if you don’t love what you’re offering, why would your potential customer or client? And, as a bonus, think of the compliments you will receive about how good you look and the warm fuzzies they will bring!

  4. SAVES YOU LOTS OF TIME AND MONEY: If you have ever tried to post on social media consistently you know that it is hard! Finding time to take the photos, curate the Instagram page and figure out the text takes a lot of time! What if you could get all your shots for the next 30, or 90, days taken in one session - all you would have to do is post the picture (and let’s face it, we’ve all wasted time choosing just the right one) and type in the text - et voilà! Think how much time you can devote to your business, or maybe you will have time to put up your feet and enjoy a cocktail!

  5. EXPERIENCE A NEW FOUND PASSION FOR WHAT YOU DO: In one day the Personal Brand Photo shoot is off your “to do” list. It is a few hours off the mundane daily running of your business. With beautiful imagery you can look at your business again with a renewed sense of wonder and delight. Feel energised to follow your passion!

If you think some of these amazing side effects are for you, why not get in touch. We can have a free consultation call and chat about how I can help you!

(Photos were taken for Tick Fitness, Mawson Lakes)