Are You in Crisis?

Have you heard of the Mid-life Crisis?

I think I might be there. Last year we bought a sports car - I love to drive it, it gives me great joy!

That’s something you do as a mid-life crisis right - try to reclaim the passion and joy of our youth?

Why do we call it a crisis though?

The word crisis seems to imply that we are in a state of chaos, that we are waiting to be rescued, to win the lottery of life and come out the other side with some luck.

While I am here I realise that it isn’t a crisis, it is a re-alignment to what fills my cup up (metaphorically speaking). I have decided that yes, I am in a small state of chaos, but in the whirlwind that it is my life is re-aligning to the values that I hold closest to my heart, to the things that bring me fulfilment, the things that scare me again.

It is a time when we need to start letting go of the things that have kept us in one place. The safe and secure things that don’t serve us anymore. They don’t have to be big - I’m not suggesting you quit your job and run away from everything, but quite the opposite. Let go of the thoughts and limitations that no longer serve you. Change your mindset to include the things that bring you joy and passion.

Yep, I’m doing things that scare me a little

It is scary to take a leap into the unknown with this little business venture of mine - but I am learning so much more about the world, people, and technology than I ever did at school or university.

I am willing to change my definition of my self, from my career that I studied so hard for, that I dedicated 21 years to so far, to my passion instead. For some it is about buying a new car (that was me), for starting a new venture, for taking a long world encompassing holiday or going technology free.

Whatever it is for you, embrace it all - do something that scares you just a little to get started. But don’t be afraid just to let your inner child out to play again.

What has my "re-alignment” taught me?

This time in my life has taught me to let go of control just a bit. To trust that there is a bigger meaning out there and I want to be apart of it. It has taught me that there is more to life than the comfortable status quo and that all I needed was a mindset reset.

I have read some amazing books this year about all of these things - if you’d like to know some references just drop me a comment and I’ll give you a few titles and authors.