#9 Faces Project - Petula

When I started my Faces Project I really didn’t know who would want to be involved. Petula contacted me and told me that despite the fact that her father had been a photographer, she felt that she had never had a good photo of herself.

When I met Petula she struck me as a very confident, well balanced woman who had achieved an extraordinary amount in her life. She grew up as a migrant child, lectured for 26 years at TAFE, founded 2 women’s organisations – WPBC and the AMWMRF which is currently researching PTSD in female first responders.  

 Petula exuded so much energy when I met her. I wanted to know why she wanted to participate in the project.

“[I want to participate because I want to] inspire other women to participate and contribute to their communities. To understand that this is to be grateful for how much we have to be thankful for.”

Petula thought that she would “pose a big problem for [me]” as she knew she was “not naturally photogenic.” This is definitely something I hear a lot from women from all walks of life, so I set out to prove her wrong.


Our photo session was playful and inspiring as I heard tales of the amazing adventures Petula has had over her life, and her love she shared with her husband. It was anything but difficult as Petula danced in front of the camera for me (literally). All I could see was a generous, kind and empowering woman – something I wanted to show her.

I had so much fun with Petula I was disappointed when out session came to an end.

I was so excited to show her the gorgeous portraits we created together, and, neither of us were disappointed with the outcome.

“Ahh, who would have thought I could see a great photo of me? NOT ME, but… Amelia helped me to see myself as others see me.

I chose my favourite image because it encapsulates me and my journey of female evolution and business woman. The woman in the photo has suffered much, loved much, worked much, and in the end is still in love with life and living.

Every woman should see other aspects of herself and look into her own eyes and feel blessed. “