#8 Faces Project - Julie

Julie is a perfect example of not being able to judge a book by it’s cover.

From her Instagram page @julesl65mystyle you would assume that she is a confident woman with no body issues, and yet, just like us all she has suffered from low self esteem, negative self talk, and the inability to see her own beauty.

I have always admired other women’s beauty and forgot about mine (appreciating my own self). I deserve to love myself a little and that’s ok.

Julie had undergone a transformation the year before the photo shoot, loosing weight and shaping up, but was still not able to see her full true beauty and thought that a photo session would enable her to see herself in a different light and boost her confidence.

The session was playful as Julie explored the many sides of her personality - from hollywood-esque black and whites to joyful reds.

When Julie returned to view her photos she was able to see herself in a different way - the way her loved ones see her everyday. She did admit that she was still a little critical of herself though (something I think we all struggle with).

When asked if she would do it again the answer was

Yes, for sure. [This is} something you have to do at least once in your life. An amazing experience.