#7 Faces Project - Kylie

Let me introduce you to Kylie.

Kylie nominated for the Faces Project after a colleague suggested it to her. Kylie expressed a concern that many of us have:

[She] wasn’t totally sure who [she] was when [she] was out of uniform.

This is so true for many of us (I’ve been there myself) - we wear so many faces in our lives that sometimes we forget the “real” one.

Kylie told me that she wanted to see herself in a different light. I loved her enthusiasm, her drive and her knowledge of what she wanted in her photos. She came prepared and with a plan. But, she also bought with her a few extra items to wear…

In Kylie’s collection was a beautiful body suit - plain black, as they often are, but with a a single shoulder and an amazing ruffle around it. I wondered if Kylie would trust me, so I asked if she would consider wearing the body suit on it’s own. I was so honoured by the trust she placed in me when she said yes!

The picture below is the photo she chose as her gift from me.

Amelia-McLeod-Photography_Kylie Stopp_20-10-2018_7x10in-22.jpg

It shows me at my most vulnerable and insecure.

It bought me to tears.

When Kylie came to the studio to view her photos, I don’t think she expected that. I did not expect that.

I admire the strength and beauty I can see in this photo of Kylie. There is vulnerability and elegance, strength and softness, a beautiful, independent and sexy woman that was allowed to shine forth.

It makes you realise that no matter how you plan things, sometimes it’s the unexpected results that takes your breath away… and it’s you that’s doing that.

Thank you so much for trusting me Kylie. Thank you so much for sharing your story that is common and unique all at the same time. When you placed your trust in me you let the “real you” out and she is beautiful!

It captures a moment in time that truly reflects you as a person regardless of how you see yourself. Your inner light shines brighter that what you see on the outside.

Amelia-McLeod-Photography_Kylie Stopp_20-10-2018_7x10in-23.jpg