#6 Faces Project - Beverley

My Faces Project attracted a variety of women from different stages of life. Beverley told me that she hadn’t had a really nice photo of herself in over 20 years! She came into my studio vibrant in both her personality and clothing (I could photograph beading and sequence all day long…. ).

Having been a mother, a wife, and grandmother and a full-time worker for 25 years, Beverley yearned to see herself as others do.

I am currently transitioning from 25 years full time emplyment in a faced paced manufacturing company, to running my own direct sales business, one that I wish to make more than just a hobby.

I was finding it really ‘hard’ to put myself ‘out there’ now that I am getting older, so being able to see myself and show others that I am an attractive, vibrant mature woman (young at hear) who has so much to offer, has done wonders for my self-esteem.

This is a story I am hearing more and more as I get older myself. That women find it hard to be noticed as they get older, that they begin to feel invisible.

But we changed that for Beverley!

She had her makeup done with her own makeup that she is selling (Beauty in Abundance by Bev) and came into the studio glowing.

The photography shoot was so much fun, from the start of the shoot, right to the end. All the outfit/jewellery changes, I couldn’t get the smile off my face the whole day. It was a blast. I found that meeting Amelia prior, with the “get to know you” meeting made for a very relaxed session.


She was not the only one to have fun! I loved photographing Beverley because she owned her space. Despite her protestations of feeling shy, she was unashamedly herself with her gorgeous prints and glowing beauty!

When it came time to view her photos, Beverly brought her husband with her and picked her gift photo that showed "the real her”

It was slightly overwhelming seeing so many photos of myself I must admit.

…I felt really proud that all [those] gorgeous photos were of ME.

When asked if she would recommend this experience to others, this was Beverley’s response.

Absolutely, I would recommend this amazing experience to others. I think every woman should be able to feel as I felt, to see themselves as I now see myself, also to just be able to have a day of fun, just for themselves. And then, to have a beautiful photo to look back on in the future is priceless.