#5 Faces Project - Juliana

When I launched the Faces Project last year to showcase ordinary women overcoming ordinary daily issues - insecurities, lack of self confidence, low self-esteem and self-love, or just wanting to rediscover who they are after challenges in life - I knew that I would find some stories that would find stories of strength and determination.

Juliana is one of those stories.

Seven months after having to go through an emergency c-section to deliver her gorgeous baby girl 6 weeks early, Juliana was given the news that she had breast cancer. She successfully underwent chemotherapy and came to me 18 months later because:

The last 18 months [had] seen me and my body taken over and I wanted to see myself again… not just as a patient. I also wanted to document myself and Olive (her daughter) if the cancer comes back.


During the photo session I could see the strength that had carried Juliana through the last 18 months - most of which came from her amazing sense of humour!

After having time just for her (her favourite part of the experience, because it wasn’t child or medical related) and laughing and having fun, Juliana’s daughter and husband joined her so that we could document them all together. Although Olive was not the most co-operative (but then how many 18 month old’s are 😉), we did manage to get some great shots!


I saw myself again - at least the me I remember before life happened!

It was nice to have time to myself, that was a treat. It was a nice opportunity to play dress ups and be not so serious for a while.

It is important to remember that Juliana is not alone. It is estimated that in 2019 :

  • 19,371 women and 164 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • On average, 53 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer every day.

For more information on breast cancer you can visit https://www.bcna.org.au/