#4 Faces Project - Carolina

When I met Carolina for the first time I was taken away by her presence and self-assuredness (and yes, I know that isn’t really a word, but it fits) and so was a little surprised as to her desire to participate in the Faces Project.

But you can never judge people. In our first conversation she told me that she often compares herself to other girls - something that we have all done, and probably still do.

I have always been extremely self-conscious, and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to realise my beauty in my uniqueness.

This is something that we all often over look - our uniqueness - and concentrate on what is different - like “I’m too short”, “I’m too curvy”, “I don’t have any curves” and “I have a pot belly” (that last one is mine…). However, no one is the same as the woman, or man, next to them.

I asked Carolina what she had hoped to achieve by participating in this project, and if she had achieved the outcome, and her response was:

I hoped to gain some self-confidence, and have some beautiful pictures to look at every time I feel not-so-pretty. That definitely happened.

We truly had a great time during the photo session - Carolina has such a bubbly personality and she kept me laughing and smiling throughout - something that is usually my job to do. I can honestly say that when Carolina left my studio I couldn’t have told you who had more fun - her or me.

All participants in the project were given a gift photo from me and this is the one that Carolina chose:

Carolina Fiorvanti_web ready_21-07-2018_Amelia-McLeod-Photgraphy-11.jpg

I love how fierce I look!


This is the power of a beautiful portrait. That we are able to see the power and beauty in ourselves that those around us see everyday! I was so pleased for Carolina that she gave herself the opportunity to see it for herself.

It really made me surprised and proud to see that I can be beautiful.


Behind the scenes for Carolina’s photo experience

Carolina Fiorvanti_web ready_21-07-2018_Amelia-McLeod-Photgraphy-8.jpg
Carolina Fiorvanti_web ready_21-07-2018_Amelia-McLeod-Photgraphy-3.jpg

Hair and makeup by the gorgeous Larissa Jones, the Beauty Heartist.