#5 Faces Project - Juliana

The fifth brave woman to share her story with us - Juliana is a survivor.

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#4 Faces Project - Carolina

You wouldn’t know it when you meet her, but Carolina has always been extremely self conscious and wanted to participate in the Faces project to realise her own beauty in her uniqueness.

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#3 Faces Project - Caitlin

After being picked on and bullied at school for being a redhead, Caitlin wanted to feel beautiful on both the inside and the outside….

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Are You Your Own Wonder Woman?

Friday is International Woman’s Day.

A day we can celebrate all the achievements of the women before us, ourselves and the future achievements of the women who follow us.

In honour of this I started to write a piece about feminism and what it means today, but then someone asked a really good question in one of my photography groups: “are [we] empowering women when we photograph them as glamour girls, etc. In a feministic sense, does that really emancipate them?”

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