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Do you have zero confidence in how you look in photos?

Do you want photos of you that you are proud to display and show your family and friends?

Let me show you a new way of seeing yourself.

‘I believe that a portrait is about more than just a photo – it’s about revealing the beautiful, confident woman that you are.’


I help women like you, find their confidence again by showing them the most beautiful photos they have ever seen of themselves. 

Not ready to chat yet? No worries! Why not download my PDF “5 Steps to WOW!” and learn 5 steps to to looking great in photos!



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“A wonderful experience to rediscover the inner me! Helpful, friendly and good for a laugh at the same time, Amelia worked her magic to bring out my best for some amazing images. I had no idea I could look this good!”
- Angela


Do you look at all the images of women in today’s media and compare yourself to them?

 Are you frustrated because you think you don’t “Measure-up”?

Is your self-consciousness holding you back from enjoying yourself?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could look at yourself with wonder and love what you see?

Can you imagine the confidence that would bring?


3 Easy Steps to (Re-)finding Your Beauty


Step 1: The Obligation Free Consultation

☑ Your photographic experience starts with a chat about you - how you feel now, how you want to feel, and how you will feel after the experience.

☑ By taking the time to talk to each other we can get to know each other and learn if you will be comfortable with me as your photographer.

☑ We will start to create your custom designed photo shoot – the experience is about what you want.


Step 2: Styling and the Photo Shoot

☑ Sit back, relax and allow our beauty professionals to complete your style brief with makeup and hair to suit your complexion and flatter your features.

☑ Fresh from your style session, you will look and feel amazing as you step in front of the camera.

☑ Directed by Amelia, you will feel comfortable, confident and experience the joy of being photographed.

Step 3: The Transformation

☑ You will have so much fun on the day of the photo session you will forget you ever hated having your photo taken. You will leave the studio with a new found confidence and a spring in your step.

☑ But it won’t stop there…

☑ When you return to the studio to view your images you will be astounded by the person you see. The woman looking back at you will exude confidence and beauty. She will be you.


Frequently Heard Objections

I hate pictures of myself

This is probably the excuse I hear the most. So many women believe that they have never had a beautiful photo taken of them, ever… until they come to me. It is not your job to be photogenic, it is my job show you that it is not true. Let me change your world and show you photos so beautiful they will your breath away.

I need to loose weight

Let’s be truthful - how long have you (and I) been saying that? Just through posing alone I can get rid of 10 kg. I will pose your body from H to T (head to toe) in ways to flatter and shape you. I will show you your beautiful.

Why would I want photographs of myself?

Your photographs can be a constant reminder of your beauty, your confidence and the Wonder Woman that I know is inside you. Know that your photos will be cherished by your loved ones, your children and grandchildren for years to come.



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“What an empowering experience! Amelia is the calmest, friendliest photographer. Her organisation, comprehensive service in arranging the stylist, additional clothing and props is top notch. She built my confidence and helped celebrate my story. Exceptional fun day!”
- Joanne



About the Photographer

I am an Adelaide based photographer dedicated to capturing breathtaking portraits.

I believe all people are beautiful and I aspire to reveal beauty and strength through your reflection and capture the expression of self in a timeless photograph.

I create a communication of life through your photographs where you leave with a sense of pride and confidence in your exquisite individuality. I craft images to hold, to weave a history with, and to create memories that will never fade.

Portrait photography unearths unique beauty and amplifies untold strength. It inspires wonder and emotion - an authentic celebration of life and living.

Exist in photographs for yourself, your family and your friends. Document your achievements, your adventures and yourself for generations to come.

Located in the lush foothills of Adelaide, Amelia will create your unique photoshoot in The Studio, or on location, as an individual, pair or small group.




“I was a bit hesitant at first because I thought I would be awkward posing for photos and being the centre of attention. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Amelia put me completely at ease, was so friendly and professional and provided excellent direction. She was so patient with me and got some excellent shots”
- Lauren


A portrait experience with Amelia McLeod Photography is about more than a pretty picture. It is about (re-)discovering the beautiful, amazing and confident you that I know is inside.

If you are one of the first 5 people to have a chat with me, and you choose to have photo session, for every 2 prints you purchase you’ll also receive 1 bonus image of the same size - so you get more of your favourites to treasure.

Take your own breath away.