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Do you want photos that “Stop the Scroll” on social Media?

Do you want personal branding photos that reflect the quality and values of your brand while seeming friendly and approachable?

Have an obligation free chat with me today and and together we can design a custom photo session just for you so that we can get the perfect images for your business.

Elevate your brand today.

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Do you compare your online business message to other businesses?  

Are you frustrated because you think your business doesn’t “Measure-up”?

Are you unsure how to stand out on social media and the internet and spend a lot of time trying to find images to post?


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have images that are creative and make you stand out from the crowd?

Can you imagine the confidence you will gain when you look and feel like a success?


What Personal Branding Will Do For You

“What’s the payoff for having a powerful Personal Brand?
When you’re distinctive you’ll cut through the clutter.
Potential clients will notice you. They will remember you.
And, when you get it right, the right people will be drawn like a magnet to work with you.”
- Lori (

☑ Builds credibility.

☑ Connects with your target audience.

☑ Sets you apart from your competition.

☑ Gives you a consistent brand message across all platforms.

☑ Represents your message and values.

☑ Builds confidence.




I am so happy with this professional shoot by Amelia

Amelia was able to capture the essence of me and my work, which is so important when you are the face of your business. The whole process was seemless & beautifully presented from the pre photo shoot discussion to the big reveal! I couldn’t be happier and I highly recommend her work.
- Suzanne

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Suzanne is a Reiki and Seichim Master Practitioner and Teacher and Meditation Leader. She wanted something that reflects her professional manner to put in magazines and publications when she talks.

She also wanted images that she could use on her Facebook page for announcements and banners. The two images were cropped in various ways to allow text to be added and used as cover photos and posts.


A Personal Branding Photo Experience includes…

  • An obligation free consultation to discuss your business, your photographic needs and what I can do for you.

  • A custom designed photo session - the creation of imagery to reflect your business and values that also increases your self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Images supplied as digital in both high and low resolution - you will have images ready for print in magazines, papers and flyers, as well as images ready for you to post on the internet without loosing quality.

  • Custom cropping of your images to create perfect profile pictures, banners, posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or any other social platform you require.

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About the Photographer

My name is Amelia McLeod. I am an Adelaide based photographer dedicated to portrait photography.

I absolutely love  capturing the beauty and presence of an individual. I strive to create the most beautiful image of my clients that they have ever seen of themselves.

I love to create personal branding images that capture the uniqueness of each client and their businesses, images that truly reflect what they are about.

I want my photography to inspire people to see their own beauty, their own strength. I want them to look at their photos and smile, laugh and cry. I want them to hold their breath in wonder at themselves.

Photographic AWARDS

Bronze Awards - Portrait Masters Accreditation 2018


Peter Nicholls_Amelia-McLeod-Photography_29-3-19_Web-10.jpg

Amelia went to great detail… getting to know my business and brand.

The pics are really doing something for ME, irrespective of what they are doing for viewers of my posts.

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Peter Nicholls_Amelia-McLeod-Photography_29-3-19_Web-26.jpg

Peter calls himself the Australian Peoples Gardener and helps those transitioning from a life about work to an enjoyable and fulfilling life after retirement.

He wanted images to reflect his laid-back nature, but professionalism. He also required images that can be used for publicising his public talking.

If you are struggling to stand out in today’s digital world, or to portray your brand in a modern and professional manner, let me show you a new and creative way to portray your brand that speaks to quality while giving your clients the impression you are confident, friendly and approachable.

Boost your own self-confidence and self-worth with the addition of professional portraits that you are proud to display and use to represent your brand.

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If you are ready to create unique and creative imagery for your business, fill in the form below so we can start to discuss your personal branding needs.
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