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Content Marketing and Digital Media

Does your style reflect your brand?

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As a photographer I understand the importance of your digital media and social accounts.

Your online presence needs to reflect your values, ideal client and show a little of your personality.

Customers, clients and your target audience are more likely to purchase from you, hire you or engage with you if they feel a personal connection - this only comes when we open up and share a little piece of ourselves. Of course this is a whole communication strategy, but the visual impact of photography that reflects your values and services is a key component.

Let Me Tell Your Story


The Baker…


The Blogger…

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And The Personal Trainer.

 Your content marketing and digital media photo session Experience

Your brand speaks loudest when there is consistency in the message, both through language and visual mediums.

The consultation

This is going to be big, I won’t lie. We will talk all about your company, your media needs and goals, colour schemes and designs (if your weren’t sure about digital marketing before this session you will be very prepared after…). I can tailor a package around your unique business and plan all the details we need to capture for your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other platform you might use.

Your PhotoShoot

Your session can take place on your business site, in studio or on location (or a pre-arranged combination of these) and will last up to 7 hours. I will photograph you, your products, clients, the environment and other details that can be used to make amazing social media content.

Image Pre-selection

Post session viewing of your images with pre-selection on the day.

Digital gallery

There will be a private digital gallery of your edited images - select your final images and request sizings (images can be sized to your specific social media requirements).

The Investment:

Booking and session fee - quoted upon need

(up to 7 hours of photography)

The Content Pack - $1000

100 images

The Stash Pack - $1800

200 images

The Stock Pile - $2400

300 images

Book your amazing session today and be thrilled with the cohesion and professional look of your digital media.