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Contemporary Portraiture

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Everyone has a voice inside themselves that says, “I never look good in a photo… My arms are too wobbly… My legs are too short… My hair is too flat… I’m too old…I’m too fat…”

Yet, I truly believe that inside everyone of us, regardless of age, is a person of strength, a go-getter, a warrior, a person of gentleness and compassion, someone who deserves your love, not hate.

Reconnect with the inner you. let yourself shine from within - listen to your heart, boost your confidence, celebrate your achievements. You deserve to be photographed and seen.

Have fun, smile, relax and be pampered. Simply be gorgeous or glamorous - embrace your inner beauty and show it to the world. Enjoy yourself during a fun, uniquely designed photo session just for yourself, or share it with someone important to you.

   Let me show you the beauty I see.

The Contemporary Portrait Experience Details

So you decided to photographed. It could be to celebrate a lifetime milestone, or just as a gift to yourself (let’s face it, you don’t really need an excuse to feel amazing). You want to come in by yourself (why can’t it be all about you?), with your sisters, your mum, best friend or lover.

I promise that whatever the reason, or whoever you share the experience with (or not), you will be amazed at how rewarding, strengthening and boosting the experience can be.  

The consultation

Your Experience with Amelia McLeod Photography begins with a consultation where we discuss your expectations and ideas for your photo session. We will discuss your goals for your final product and design how we will capture your dream photo shoot.  We will discuss wardrobe, themes and any props needed to make sure nothing is missed on the day.

Be Pampered

Sit back, relax and allow my professional hair and make-up artist to style you - you will look and feel amazing before we even start.

The photoshoot

When you are ready, you will step in front of the camera. There is no need to learn any poses before you come to the studio (in fact, don’t, I forbid it!). You will breathe, listen to music and let me guide you. Before you know it you will feel so comfortable and safe you will forget that there is a camera in my hands.

See yourself in print

When was the last time you saw a fine art print of yourself? Never? It is an experience like no other that everyone should have. It is a moment of pride, of joy and maybe of relief. There is no denying that it is an experience of “wow”, and that feels really good!

Let’s reveal the True, beautiful you hidden inside.

Experience this tailored package starting from $350 and prints start from $225

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