The Contemporary Portrait Experience

A Contemporary Portrait Experience with Amelia McLeod Photography is the perfect opportunity to celebrate a milestone, create a beautiful gift or join together with a sister, mother, daughter, friend or lover.

The Consultation

Your Experience with Amelia McLeod Photography begins with a consultation to discuss your vision and ideas. Whether you are seeking a casual, intimate or glamorous photo shoot, we work with you to design your ideal outcome. We will identify your goals for the final product and tailor your dream photo shoot with wardrobe, themes and props to complement your style.

The Salon Experience

Sit back, relax and allow our beauty professionals to complete your style brief with makeup and hair to suit your complexion and flatter your features.

The Photoshoot

Fresh from your style session, you will look and feel amazing as you step in front of the camera. Surrounded by music, natural light and directed by Amelia, you will feel comfortable, confident and experience the joy of being photographed.

The Reveal

Your photography experience is complete when you are presented with a collection of beautiful images for review. Amelia McLeod Photography will show you through your gorgeous selection of photographs and show how we capture and highlight your unique and individual beauty behind the lens. Select your favourites or take them all.

Amelia McLeod Photography offers full digital and printing services for your selected images.

Individual packages from $350 with prints from $225.

Let’s reveal the True, Beautiful You hidden inside.

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Same Day Transformations